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Measuring & Fitting Guides

Blinds can be fitted either as a RECESS or as EXACT. If a blind is fitted to the Recess it is fitted inside the window frame, and if a blind is fitted as Exact it is fitted outside the window.

Op.1: Recess Fitting

Recess Fitting
Measure the width of the window recess from wall to wall in three places.  Measure the drop by taking the measurement from the top of the recess to the window sill in three places.

Op.2: Exact Fitting

Exact Fitting
Outside recess fitting describes blinds that hang outside of the window recess. Measure the exact area you would like the blind to cover as shown as a width and drop. We make no adjustment to this measurement.


Remember always measure WIDTH x DROP.


Fitting your Wooden Venetian blind

Before you start, check you have your brackets
Your blind brackets are packed separately at the end of the box. Check you’ve taken them out before you throw the packaging away.

Stage 1: Fit the headrail.
Stage 2: Attach the blind

Click here to view the full Fitting Guide